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Manu Smruti : मनुस्मृति Manu Smruti : मनुस्मृति HOT


Manusmruti (aka Manusmriti or Manusmrti) is the most important and foundational work of Hindu law. It throws light on ancient Indian society, Hindu caste system, laws, rules and codes of conduct for various entities and stages of life for ashramvasi man. Assumed to be compiled and written around 200 CE in India, Manu Smruti is one of the eighteen Smritis of the Dharma Sastra (laws of righteous conduct).

Manu Smruti divides society into four classes - Brahmins (teachers and priests), Kshatriyas (administrators and armymen), Vaishyas (traders, farmers and herdsmen) and Shudras (slaves). It defines the duties of four castes, their relative position and determines the penalties to be indicted for any transgressions.

Contained in 12 chapters, Manu Smruti is ascribed to Manu, Brahma's son and the forefather of all human race. Major topics dealt with in the book are: Origin of the World, Sources of the Law, Dharma of the Four Social Classes, Rules of Action in Normal Times, Dharma of a Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaiśyas and Śūdras, Rules of Action in Times of Adversity, Rules Relating to Penance, Fruits of Action and Rules of Action for Supreme God.


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