Mahant Gambhiranandji

Gambhiranandji was a Mahant (a title used for revered saints) in the famous Gorakhnath Temple at Gorakhpur. But before he became the Mahant of the temple he stayed in solitary places. After years of penance Mahantji had achieved extraordinary powers. He was a Siddha. The following incident, which took place at Gorakhpur, is an ample proof of his powers.

A rich devotee visited him and said, “I am worried about my son who is in England. I have received a letter in which my son has informed me that he is sick and his condition is very serious. But thereafter there is no news of my son. I am impatient. Please favor me and let me know how my son is doing."

Gambhiranandji at once went inside and sat in meditation. After few minutes he came outside and told his devotee, "Your son is ok now and he is coming back to India by steamer. You will meet your son very shortly."

The devotee was very happy on hearing this news. He went home and truly, a week later, his son returned from England. The devotee at once realized the power of Gambhiranandji. He narrated the whole incident to his son and insisted him to visit Mahantji. His son, however was not motivated yet reluctantly went to visit Mahantji.

As the son saw Gambhiranandji, he was taken aback. He told his father, "I have seen him before!"

His father asked "What do you mean? Where have you seen him?"

The son explained in detail, "A week ago when I was coming back to India by steamer, I met him one evening. He talked with me for a while and then disappeared."

His father immediately remembered the conversation that took place between him and Mahant Gambhiranandji. He narrated this incident to Mahantji.

Mahantji clarified; "There is nothing to be astonished about. I have such powers. It’s true that I met your son on the steamer and asked about his well-being. With advances on the path of yoga one can instantly move around the planet, at will and converse with anyone."  After hearing the explanation, his son became a devotee of Gambhiranandji.

Mahantji was never interested in the publicity of his extraordinary powers. He believed that such powers are not the ultimate aim of sadhana. Rather, the realization of self is what one should aim for.


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