Words beginning with G

Gādi : गादी : ગાદી
Gana : गण : ગણ
Gandha : गंध : ગંધ
Gāndharva : गांधर्व : ગાંધર્વ
Celestial musician
Ganesha : गणेश : ગણેશ
Elephant headed lord; remover of all obstacles
Gangā : गंगा : ગંગા
The river Ganges
Garbha : गर्भ : ગર્ભ
Garimā : गरिमा : ગરિમા
One of the eight supernatural powers which make one’s body heavy at will
Garuda : गरूड : ગરુડ
Eagle; Lord Vishnu’s vehicle
Gāthā : गाथा : ગાથા
Gati : गति : ગતિ
Gau : गौ : ગૌ
Gauna : गौण : ગૌણ
Secondary; not of much importance
Gāyatri : गायत्री : ગાયત્રી
Vedic mantra ‘Om Bhrb bhuvah suvah tat saviturvareniyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat’ meaning: ‘We meditate on the adorable light of the radiant sun. May He simulate our intellect’
Gheranda Samhitā : धेरंड संहिता : ઘેરંડ સંહિતા
Famous Hath Yoga text written by Gheranda
Gopāla : गोपाल : ગોપાલ
Cowherd; name of Lord Krishna
Gopi : गोपी : ગોપી
Milk maid; eternal companion of Lord Krishna
Gorakhnātha : गोरखनाथ : ગોરખનાથ
One of the nine Naths in the lineage of yogis known for their extraordinary powers
Gotra : गोत्र : ગોત્ર
Family; lineage
Govinda : गोविंद : ગોવિંદ
Cowherd; Epithet of Lord Krishna
Grantha : ग्रंथ : ગ્રંથ
Gruha : गृह : ગૃહ
Gruhastha : गृहस्थ : ગૃહસ્થ
Guna : गुण : ગુણ
Quality; there are three gunas namely sattva, rajas and tamas. sattva stands for uprightness,  rajas for restlessness or activity and tamas for dullness or inertia
Gunātita : गुणातीत : ગુણાતીત
Beyond qualities; one who is above three gunas of sattva, rajas and tamas.
Guru : गुरू : ગુરુ
Spiritual preceptor; heavy
Gurukula : गुरूकुल : ગુરુકુલ
Teacher’s abode or school
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