Poet's condition

Undisputedly do these twinkling stars of the sky know
how my heart breaks into many pieces for Thee
and this silent, meditative earth is also aware
of so many torrents of tears washing her soul simultaneously.

Beaming with love, full of devotion, is the solitary soul of mine,
and I have to move about in this vast world accompanied by it.  
My songs are nothing but echoes.  
Each and every fibre of this penance-grove comprehends correctly
how my soul is filled with melancholy and pathos and still rejoicing.  

Never mind still,
if someone derives enlightenment by another’s burning,
acquires nectar through somebody’s poison,
and accumulates pleasure at the cost of somebody’s weeping,
incomprehensible is the fate of his.  

But, O love-intoxicated Lord!  
Kindly forget not this ambrosial music of mine
is powerful enough for making the heart nectar-like;
the tranquil stream of melancholy
is singing silently in this permanent pleasure of mine.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

In prayer, it is better to have a heart without words than to have words without a heart.
- Mahatma Gandhi


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