So many springs and rivers
with their water wealth disappear in its heart
but the ocean never transcends limit.  
When will you acquire modesty and tranquility of that kind?

The flame of an earthen lamp is a place without wind
doesn’t dance and the crab sat after withdrawing limbs
even after numerous blows swerves not.  
When will you attain such supreme steadiness and unattachment of mind?

Creation after creation develop and enter jaws of death.  
Children more delicate than flowers and youths,
many a manifestation inanimate and animate,
take birth, blossom and fade away on earth.  
But the earth, entering into peaceful meditation,
looking them all, remains unmoved.  
And the sky also smiling a little at that transitoriness shines as always.  
When will you be able to absorb yourself
in an ecstasy of blessedness of that type?

And look at this wasp!  
These lotus petals are kissed by it.  
Its humming noise has become quiet
and its senses have come to a standstill.  
Besides have a glance at this child
whose emotions and fickleness have been rested
by drinking the sweet milk of the mother.  
When will you attain such unity?  
Plunged in the inner self when will you breathe in this world forever?

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

Resentment is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies.
- St. Augustine


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