Omnipresence of the Lord

When you climb this mountain
tossing my head here and there through the green grass I greet you.  
Can’t you realize that?

And pervading in this pleasant wind’s guise,
like a mother expressing affection to her child,
I express my affection to you.  
Can’t you understand that?

Flowing forward in the form of this rivulet
that sleeps silently in the desolate forest’s side,
I offer our love’s introduction
and make my heart revealed through the pretty colours of dawn and evening.

And when the whole world sleeps soundly and slowly blows the breeze
like my messenger breathing from among those twinkling stars
seated like children on the waist of night
I utter and send the same message that we are one.  
Can’t you comprehend this?

Otherwise in their intoxication
you could not but have become peaceful, pleasant and affectionate.  
Otherwise sitting in the very lap of mine on the green grass of the mountain,
you would not have struggled so far in vain for my propitiation and vision;
nor would have endeavored for breaking the night’s silence
by loudly repeating my holy name,
instead of beholding myself in the yonder stars.

You would have become blessed;
and for salvation’s sake would not have entered some other world at all.  
And coming in front of dawn would you have dared to restrain breath?  
And sitting on the bank of Ganga
would you have ever committed folly by closing the eyes of your?

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.
- Swami Vivekananda


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