Q: What is Kundalini?

A: Kundalini is a type of power which exists within our body. It has been described extensively in our Yogic scriptures. Accordingly, Kundalini resides in the Muladhar chakra at the base of our spinal cord.

Q: Does everybody posses Kundalini power?

A: Of course. It exists in everybody but it is in latent form. Not only do we have to awaken it but we also have to ascend the energy, passing it through all the chakras and finally stabilizing it in our top most chakra namely Sahastradal. When we do that, we attain Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Q: Is it necessary for all aspirants to awaken the Kundalini?

A: No. Those who follow the path of Yoga must take steps to awaken the Kundalini, while for seekers of Gyan path, it is not mandatory. In fact after a certain stage of sadhana, though an aspirant may not be aware of it, the Kundalini awakens.

Q: What are the means by which Kundalini can be awaken?

A: Some Asanas like Shirshasana (Head stand), Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand), and Pashchimottanasana (Seated forward bend) helps in the awakening of Kundalini. Performance of Bhastrika pranayam (A breathing exercise wherein the air is inhaled and exhaled like in bellows), some of the mudras such as Tadagi Mudra and Shanmukhi Mudra aid in this as well.

Purity of heart and recitation of holy name also play an important role in awakening of Kundalini.

Q: Can Kundalini be awakened externally by another person?

A: Sometime during the process of initiation, a Guru may awaken the serpent power of the disciple. However such incidents rarely occur as very few individuals are blessed with such powers. It is equally true that many disciples are not ready to receive that kind of grace.

There are descriptions in our ancient scriptures about such dikshas wherein merely by a touch or a sankalpa (determined thought/resolve) a Guru would awaken the Kundalini of his disciples. But in such cases the disciple also has to practice rigorously, otherwise the awakened Kundalini would become latent again.

Q: Is it possible that once awakened Kundalini can again become serpent?

A: Of course. If the sadhaka becomes careless and discontinues practice, then Kundalini will once again become dormant.

Q: What kind of experience does one have when the Kundalini is awakened?

A: These experiences are very unique and are difficult to describe. For instance all the atoms of the body become enlightened, all kinds of laziness disappear, and sometimes one experiences a sensation synonymous to row of ants ascending the spinal cord. Sometimes a special knocking sound (like knocking on the door) is heard coming from region of one's back etc.

Q: As the kundalini rises through different chakras, what kind of experience does an aspirant undergo?

A: While passing through different chakras, sadhaka enjoys many unique experiences. For example, while Kundalini enters the Nabhi chakra from  Muladhar chakra divine knowledge is obtained as well as the ability to transcribe that knowledge. While the Kundalini power passes through Manipur chakra and Swadhistan chakra ‘Nad’ is heard and one achieves control over one's hunger, thirst and even one’s excretion system. The face becomes radiant and the mind becomes nonchalant towards worldly objects.

While Kundalini passes through Agya chakra, one can comprehend the past, present and future effortlessly.  One can have association with great sages merely by samkalpa (determined thought).  When Kundalini further travels to Brahmarandhra chakra, one experiences Nirvikalpa Samadhi and unity with the eternal power.

Q: Have you experienced anything from all that you just described?

A: Whatever I say, I say it on the basis of my personal experiences. What I just described; I experienced it during my sadhana, otherwise I would not be able to elaborate on the topic in such detail.

Q: Is it true that awakening of Kundalini results in experiencing the divine light?

A: Some aspirants may have such an experience but not everyone undergoes through same phenomenon on awakening of their Kundalini power.

Q: In which way does awakening of Kundalini affect the progress on the spiritual path?

A: After the awakening, the process of sadhana becomes stimulating and exciting. The mind's ability to concentrate increases manifold; it does not engage easily in worldly objects during meditation.

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