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Q: It is said that lust is natural. Is it true?

A: It depends upon how you interpret ‘natural’. If you think that it is something which is impossible to control, I would empathetically say that it is not. You can say that love is natural but not lust. Love is universal but lust is not. God is also described in our scriptures as a form of Love, but not as a form of lust. So don’t be mistaken by treating lust as natural.

Q: Is it possible to win over lust? I am trying hard to overcome it but find it difficult even after ten years of married life. Can you please guide me?

A: Many spiritual aspirants face this problem. Those who sincerely wish to advance on the path of spirituality must learn to control their lust otherwise all efforts to move forward would be nullified.

It is good that you feel the pain that you are unsuccessful in your efforts. If you will continue your efforts, I’m sure a day will come when you will gain control over this instinct. Remember, there is nothing that is impossible in this world. With strong will, determination and self-discipline mankind has achieved seemingly impossible heights. So never ever doubt your ability to win over lust. Just as many great valiant persons have conquered lust, one day you will also be able to do the same. Keep trying and pray to the Almighty for help.

Q: What should one do to win over lust?

A: Association with saints or sages (satsang), reading of good books, contemplation, self-analysis will aid in your effort. More importantly, one should resort to whole hearted prayer. Prayer has infinite power. Pray to the Almighty for purity of mind and thoughts. It will give you much needed strength to overcome your weakness.

One more practice that you should imbibe in your routine is to visualize every woman as a form of Mother Goddess, or as a mother or a sister. After a while of practice, it will be easier for you to conquer your hankering mind.

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There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.
- French Proverb


Shri Yogeshwarji : Canada - 1 Shri Yogeshwarji : Canada - 1
Lecture given at Ontario, Canada during Yogeshwarjis tour of North America in 1981.
Shri Yogeshwarji : Canada - 2 Shri Yogeshwarji : Canada - 2
Lecture given at Ontario, Canada during Yogeshwarjis tour of North America in 1981.
 Shri Yogeshwarji : Los Angeles, CA Shri Yogeshwarji : Los Angeles, CA
Lecture given at Los Angeles, CA during Yogeshwarji's tour of North America in 1981 with Maa Sarveshwari.
Darshnamrut : Maa Darshnamrut : Maa
The video shows a day in Maa Sarveshwaris daily routine at Swargarohan.
Arogya Yatra : Maa Arogya Yatra : Maa
Daily routine of Maa Sarveshwari which includes 15 minutes Shirsasna, other asanas and pranam etc.
Rasamrut 1 : Maa Rasamrut 1 : Maa
A glimpse in the life of Maa Sarveshwari and activities at Swargarohan
Rasamrut 2 : Maa Rasamrut 2 : Maa
Happenings at Swargarohan when Maa Sarveshwari is present.
Amarnath Stuti Amarnath Stuti
Album: Vande Sadashivam; Lyrics: Shri Yogeshwarji; Music: Ashit Desai; Voice: Ashit, Hema and Aalap Desai
Shiv Stuti Shiv Stuti
Album : Vande Sadashivam; Lyrics: Shri Yogeshwarji, Music: Ashit Desai; Voice: Ashit, Hema and Aalap Desai
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