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The Kena Upanishad (केन उपनिषद्), or the Kenopanishad (केनोपनिषद्) is one of the primary Upanishads, and is associated with the Samaveda. The Kenopanishad derives its name from the first word Kena (केन, which means by whom) of its first verse. Kena Upanishad is divided into four khandas or sections, the first two are in verse and the other two are in prose.

Here, we have presented Kena Upanishad with two of Yogeshwarji's books 1. Upanishad no amar varaso, which has word-by-word translation and his comments and 2. Dus Upanishad, which contain translation in Gujarati poems. We hope that you will like it.

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