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Durga Saptashati : દુર્ગા સપ્તશતી

Singer : Shriti Patel and Vibhuti Thakar


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0 #49 Meenakshi 2019-04-06 14:10
Ati uttam.
0 #48 Maulesh Bhatt 2016-04-13 22:16
Very blessed to hear. Can i download this ?
if so i will be grateful. Thanks.
+3 #47 J D Nath 2016-04-08 19:06
Feeling blessed after hearing the Durga Saptasati today on Chaitra Navaratri.
+2 #46 P C Doshi 2015-10-19 18:43
Thank you for such a wonderful audio of SAPTSATI. Once again, grateful to you. Regards.
+1 #45 Varun Singh 2015-10-16 08:42
This site is very nice source for spiritual / vedic learning. Thanks for sharing it. If it would give option to download it would be much better.
+1 #44 Yatin Barot 2014-05-31 00:33
Mane durgaststami path ni audio temaj text kevi rite download karvi janavso.

[Audio is not available for download. However, you can get text from our download section under e-book > sacred text - admin]
+1 #43 Mayur Thakkar 2014-05-19 15:19
I want download Shree Durga Saptshati Stotram so pls. guide how do it.

This site is very very good.

0 #42 Dipak Patel 2014-03-19 15:01
Please mane durga saptsati keve rite download karvi janavjo
0 #41 Chitra 2013-10-23 21:11
Please let me know how I can download Durga Saptashati by Shriti Patel and Vibhuti Thakar
+1 #40 Sunil Kumar Mishra 2013-10-05 10:47
Durga Saptashi
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