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Swargarohan | સ્વર્ગારોહણ

Danta Road, Ambaji 385110
Gujarat INDIA
Ph: +91-96015-81921

Q: What is responsive layout ?
We have designed this site with a responsive layout so that you can enjoy it on any device. Responsive layout adapt or adjust automatically to the viewing device's width, such as mobile, tablet or desktop, without the need for a separate layout or content. Mobile modes have a unique menu to aid usability.

: How can I hear audio ?

A: We recently (w.e.f. May 2019) upgraded our site and have new HTML5 audio player in place. So you should not have any problem hearing audio on any device -desktop, laptop, iPad or Mobile phones (both iphone and android). In case you can not play, please upgrade your browser.

Q: I do not hear any sound when I try to listen lectures/bhajans. What should I do?

A: 1) Make sure that speakers are attached to the sound card and if necessary, powered on. And 2) Check Volume Level and Balance of the Master and Wave in Volume Control dialog box. If it is zero or very low, you may not hear any sound while it is playing.

Q: When I listen to Audio, the voice is not continuous, what's the problem?

A: There is nothing wrong. You must be using a slow internet connection (< 64Kbps speed). It takes a while to stream the audio file to play on your computer. Alternately, you can use PAUSE while the file is loaded onto your computer and then use the PLAY button; thereby you can have continuous audio.

Q: I can not see Gujarati and Sanskrit words. Do I need to download any fonts?

A : If you see garbled characters on our web pages, most likely you have not set encoding preference in your browser. Click on View > Encoding > Select UTF-8 (Unicode) and you should be able to see Gujarati and Sanskrit words.

If you still can not see, either you do not have latest browser version of either Internet Explorer / Firefox, or you are using older version of Windows like Windows 95 or 98 that do not have in-built Unicode support. If that is the case, please upgrade your browser / operating system.

We have presented the material on the site in Unicode fonts. Unicode is an international font encoding standard for most of the world’s languages. Some Unicode fonts are included with Windows ME and later versions of Windows. Windows XP, 2000, and Mac OS 9.2 support the Unicode standard more fully. Similarly, Internet Explorer 6 and above has native support for UTF-8 fonts. So there are no fonts to download.

Q: How do I change my screen resolution?

A: Swargarohan site is best viewed with screen resolution of at least 1024X768. To Windows users can follow these steps:

1) Minimize or Close all open windows 2) Right click on an empty area of your desktop, an area where there are no icons 3) Choose properties (You will see a box called Display Properties) 4) Choose the right hand tab called Settings 5) Under Screen Area move the slider until it gives you the resolution of 1024x768. 6) Click Apply or OK.

Note: You need Video Display Adapter with at least 1 MB Video RAM to run in 16 bit mode with 640x480 resolutions. If you do not have Video Display Adapter with sufficient RAM, 1024 X 768 High Color (16-bit or 24-bit) option is not available. If your card has sufficient RAM, proper drivers for video display adapter may not have been loaded. In this case, refer to installation guide of your Video Display Adapter.

Q: How can I see your site every time I open my browser?

A: In your browser look at the top menu options and select Tools > Internet options. (Alternately you can right click on the Internet Explorer icon and select Properties) In the General tag (it should open by default) under Home Page write http://www.swargarohan.org in the Address space and click Apply at the bottom. Next time, when you start your browser, this site will open by default.

Q: How can I add your site as my favorite?

A: While watching the site, click on top menu Favorites > Add to Favorite and then click OK.

Q: I do not understand meaning of various Sanskrit words. Any help?

A: For English meaning of the words, please use Glossary page. We have tried to compile as many words as possible and we will continue to enhance it in future.

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