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Roshani (રોશન Roshani (રોશની)

Stories from time immemorial have found a unique place in the hearts of common men. Stories have succeeded in imbibing morals and values to the upcoming generation. Outstanding stories have endured the tests of time.

Roshani is a collection of 21 short stories. The stories contained in this book were written by Shri Yogeshwarji between the years 1960 to 1970. The title of the book is based upon a story contained in the book entitled “Roshani”, the brief storyline of which is as follows:

It’s 26th January, the independence day of India and there are prizes for the best decoration of lights (which means ‘Roshani”). The city is shining with colorful lights and people are on the streets to watch the variety of decoration on buildings.

In one corner of the city, a small hut stands on the edge of the footpath in which an old lady (grandma) is staying with her only grandson. The kids of surrounding hutment are out with their parents to watch the display of lights. The grandma is unable to take her grandson as she has poor vision & her body is extremely weak. To compensate for this, poor Grandma asks her grandson to light the earthen lamp but the lamp does not have enough oil nor did the grandma have enough money to buy oil!

A gentleman standing closeby listens to this conversation. He offers grandma service to bring oil but Grandma refuses to accept money or oil from an unknown person. The gentleman convinces the grandma that he is like her son and she should accept his money without hesitation. In the end, the lamps are lighted with oil. The gentleman brings sweets from a nearby shop and offers to her grandson. On top of this, the gentleman offers a room in his house. The wheel of fortune is thus turned for them. Life of grandma and her son is enlightened by this unknown gentleman.

Next day, when city announces prize for excellent decoration, grandma is searching for the name of the person who gave them true light and decorated their life with renewed enthusiasm.

Roshani – boasting of such wonderful short stories makes an interesting reading.

Title        : Roshani (રોશની)
Language    : Gujarati
Version     : 1.0
Pages       : 135
Created     : October 4th 2018.


Size1.17 MB
Download Language English
AuthorShri Yogeshwarji
WebsiteWebsite external


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