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Words beginning with R

Rādhā : राधा : રાધા
Consort of Krishna; the most celebrated of the Gopis
Rāga : राग : રાગ
Rahasya : रहस्य : રહસ્ય
Rajas : राजस : રાજસ
One of the three qualities
Rāksasa : राक्षस : રાક્ષસ
Rāma : राम : રામ
Divine descendent of Lord Vishnu described in Rāmāyana
Rāmāyana : रामायण : રામાયણ
The epic poem composed by Valmiki that tells story of abduction of Sitā by Rāvana and how Rāma won over with the help of Hanumāna
Rasa : रस : રસ
Taste; one of the five element
Rasi : राशि : રાશિ
Zodiac sign - Mesh (Aries), Vrushabh (Taurus), Mithun (Gemini), Kark (Cancer), Sinha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra), Vruschik (Scorpius), Dhanu (Saggitarius), Makar (Capricornus), Kumbha (Acquarius), Meen (Pisces)
Rati : रति : રતિ
The pleasure of love
Ratna : रत्न : રત્ન
Rechaka : रेचक : રેચક
Rig veda : ऋग वेद : ઋગ્વેદ
One of the four Veda
Rina : ऋण : ઋણ
Obligation; debt
Rishi : ऋषि : ઋષિ
Seer; A Vedic sage
Ritu : ऋतु : ઋતુ
Rudraksha : रूद्राक्ष : રુદ્રાક્ષ
Bead of Rudra; seed from a tree sacred to Lord Shiva
Rupa : रूप : રૂપ
Sight; color
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