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Words beginning with U

Ucchista : ऊच्छिष्ट : ઉચ્છિષ્ટ
 Remaining; leftover; this term is used for the leftover food of spiritual master used as prasad
Udāharana : ऊदाहरण : ઉદાહરણ
Udāna : ऊदान : ઉદાન
Life breath which directs the vital current of the body upwards
Uddeshya : ऊद्देश्य : ઉદ્દેશ્ય
Ujjain : ऊज्जैन: ઉજ્જૈન
One of the sacred Hindu city located on the banks of river Kshipra
Uma : ऊमा : ઉમા
Goddess Parvati; Wife of Lord Shiva; daughter of King Himalaya
Upachāra : ऊपचार : ઉપચાર
Approach to treat; treatment
Upadesha : ऊपदेश : ઉપદેશ
Spiritual instruction
Upādhi : ऊपाधि : ઉપાધિ
Title; also hindrance
Upalabdhi : ऊपलब्धि : ઉપલબ્ધિ
Upanayana : ऊपनयन : ઉપનયન
One of the twelve samskaras, wherin a youth is initiated as a resident student of Vedic studies at Guru's ashram.
Upanishad : ऊपनिषद : ઉપનિષદ
The teachings of ancient sages which form portion of Vedas; for more info click here
Upanyāsa : ऊपन्यास : ઉપન્યાસ
Upāsaka : ऊपासक : ઉપાસક
Upasana : ऊपासना : ઉપાસના
Worship or contemplation of God
Upavāsa : ऊपवास : ઉપવાસ
Upaveda : ऊपवेद : ઉપવેદ
Secondary Vedas; the four prominent upavedas are Arthveda (economics), Ayurveda (health), Dhanurveda (weaponary) and Gandharvaveda (music and dance)
Utsav : ऊत्सव : ઉત્સવ
Festival; Religious celebrations
Uttarāyana : ऊत्तरायण : ઉત્તરાયણ
The day when sun begins its northward journey for the six months
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