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Words beginning with Y

Yagna : यज्ञ : યજ્ઞ
Sacrificial ceremony
Yagnopavita : यज्ञोपवित : યજ્ઞોપવિત
Sacred thread
Yajur Veda : यज्ञुर्वेद : યજુર્વેદ
One of the four Veda
Yaksha : यक्ष : યક્ષ
Semi-divine beings
Yama : यम : યમ
Self-control; The lord of death
Yati : यति : યતિ
Wandering ascetic
Yātra : यात्रा : યાત્રા
Yoga : योग : યોગ
Union; A process to unite one’s self with the divine
Yoga-bhrasta : योगभ्रष्ट : યોગભ્રષ્ટ
Apostate from yoga; one who deviates from the path of yoga
Yoganindrā : योगनिंद्रा : યોગનિંદ્રા
Yogic sleep
Yoga Vashista : योगवशिष्ठ : યોગવશિષ્ઠ
A treatise on Yoga, containing Sage Vashista's instructions to Ram on spiritual conducts.
Yogi : योगी : યોગી
One who practice yoga
Yoni : योनि : યોનિ
Yuga : युग : યુગ
Age or cycle
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