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Experience of aestral bodies

One winter, I was in Mumbai. My stay was at a Sanatorium at Valkeshwar in Mumbai. The place of sanatorium was very attractive, as the sea was visible from the window.  On the first day of my stay there, a strange experience took place.

It was nighttime when I was performing my regular prayers. Dim light from the window was coming into the room.  When my eyes opened, I saw an unknown woman before me. Her age must have been around 30-35 years.  Her face was fair. She looked and calm and composed. She wore a pink sari.

At first I felt strange. I was surprised, as I had not seen her before. At that moment the woman raised her hand and said, “The bed on which you are sitting is mine.“

I could not follow what she said. She further clarified “This is my bed. Two-years back I died on this bed during my delivery. I love this bed and this room too. I used to see my face in the opposite mirror all the time. I had a tragic death. After my death I am staying here.”

I asked: "What do you do here?”

She stated, "If someone comes here, I make them ill. That satisfies me.“

"To make someone ill makes you satisfied?”

“Yes. But believe me, I will make others sick but not you.”

I asked, "Do you like this kind of life?”

"Initially I did not like it but now I am accustomed to it.”

"Do you possess any specific power?”

"Not much. I can move around, within my capacity, at will. I can foresee events and I can also perform some extraordinary tasks. I am not fully satisfied with this life but I enjoy it somehow. I knew that you were coming here, that’s why I appeared for your darshan. Now I shall go.” With that she disappeared in the surrounding atmosphere the same way she appeared.

The next morning when I inquired, I came to know that a woman had died two years back during delivery at the same place. It was also a known fact that lot of people fell sick at the sanatorium.

Many people have similar experiences of astral bodies. Even I have come across many such incidents in my life. It establishes the fact that such things are in existence on this earth. Many people strive to have a relationships or contact with such souls. I would advise that rather than striving for a relationship with such souls, one should concentrate oneself on having contact with the Almighty Lord from where all power originates.



0 #1 Cheryl 2009-08-28 03:21
I have had an experience that was similar, however, the illuminated form healed me after a painful surgery. I was meditating to transcend the horrible pain, and the being came to me. I felt comforted, loved, and the pain became less. This happened only two or three times, and did not reoccur. But I will never forget it.

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