Himalayan Siddha

One Gujarati gentleman went to Rishikesh to perform sadhana. He stayed there for two years. He came into contact with many good saints and sages but his desire to meet an extraordinary Siddha remained unfulfilled. Due to this the gentleman was not only disheartened but his faith was also shaken. He thought that such Siddhas exist no more in the Himalayas and whatever stories he had heard about them were imaginary or illusive.

That year during Mahashivratri a fair was organized at Virbhadra, few miles away from Rishikesh. The gentleman decided to participate and so he started on foot for Virbhadra. Soon there were clouds in the sky and it began raining heavily. He did not know about the forest route and thus lost his way.

The gentleman could not decide what to do. He walked a few steps and saw an assembly of woods burning at a distance. As he walked in that direction, to his astonishment he saw one ascetic seated with only langoti worn on his body. More amazing was the fact that the place at which the ascetic was seated was totally dry. There were no raindrops in the surrounding area.

That Gujarati gentleman was speechless. He bowed down to that ascetic. The ascetic smiled and said, ”I know where you are going. You are going to Virbhadra, isn’t it? You lost your way due to my will. Nobody can see me without my wish.”

The Gujarati gentleman asked, "who are you?”

The ascetic replied that I am Avadhoot. I can move around as per my wish. In order to remove your doubts I appeared before you. Now take this Prasad and eat it. All your fatigue will be gone.”

The ascetic further asked, ”Why do you want the darshan of a Siddha?”

The Gujarati gentleman said, "I wanted to take Diksha.”

The ascetic said, "Why do you want Diksha? Having my vision is enough. You have already been blessed. Now you do not need Diksha. You will now march forward on the spiritual path. I give you this mantra. Recite it.”

The Gujarati gentleman bowed down again. The ascetic asked, "You wanted to go Virbhadra, right?”

The gentleman nodded and said, "Now I do not have much desire to continue.”

The ascetics said, “But you must continue since you are already half-way there.”

The ascetic put his hand on his head and when the Gujarati gentleman glanced in the direction of the ascetic, he only saw only the burning sticks. The ascetic was no more there. He again bowed down and collected ashes from there and easily found the way to Virbhadra.

Later on, that Gujarati gentleman met me. He said "The Himalaya is still filled with such siddhas but they appear before only those who sincerely desire for their darshan and guidance. Who has such thirst? Who has such hunger for their divine vision?"



0 #1 R. M. Ramanathan 2012-12-14 18:30
Divineful happening. Please let me know who the Gentle man is. The great Siddhar Kodeeshwara Swamy of Puravipalayam of Tamilnad is my Guru. When He was in Physical Form and after His Physical Form also He made me happened to experience a few miracles. Please let me know what.. what...what is what. I am very clear that I wish for both Divinity & Wealth. Regards, RAMANATHAN

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