What is the purpose of bringing back to mind that has become the past? What is the purpose of recollecting the moments buried in the deep recesses of the past and narrating them in literary form? Is there any worldly motive working behind it? Is there any desire to earn fame or a craving for wealth? Am I doing this simply to portray me as someone great?

The answer is NO, most emphatic NO. There is no mundane purpose behind publicizing my journey in quest of light. As far as I am concerned, I can only say that I am doing this under divine inspiration. I can very well go ahead without recollecting my past. Still, I have to remember it for it is His sincere wish. What is His purpose behind it, he alone would know. I have no choice but to follow it.

A young lad was inspired to follow the path of perfection or light and he started his journey. It is quite probable that behind this inspiration was God's wish that the world, which is increasingly leaning towards materialism, would have a chance to read the complete and honest account of his innumerable experiences along the way. What he achieved at the end of his journey may infuse them with new vigor, new light. Who can say what His real purpose is? My duty is only to translate His wish and act upon it. What could be a servant's duty except to abide most respectfully, by the command of his Master? In similar fashion, I go ahead in my work as per His inspiration. I am merely an instrument in God's hands. I am the flute, it is He, who breathes life into it and plays the notes. My whole life belongs to Him, and is completely devoted to Him. Following and fulfilling His and only His wish is my purpose.

I was in the habit of keeping a diary right from my childhood. I found that this habit had its own benefits and so I continued it for an extended period. It was my favorite way of observing life and drawing conclusions thereof. Today, blessed by divine inspiration, it is assuming the shape of this autobiography. There is nothing surprising that mostly the wraps and woofs of my spiritual life have found place in this narrative. My life so far has been of spiritual nature and continuous spiritual development and progress is its true depiction. Just as the life story of a politician would be mostly filled with political details, a soldier's life story would contain details of the army, bravery and battles, the life story of the one who travels along the path of spirituality would have in it only references to spiritualism and Sadhana - what else could it have?

Some people believe that it is not advisable to disclose publicly the secret spiritual experiences or performance of sadhana undertaken. They believe that such things should remain confined to the person who has gone through that experience. Nevertheless, even those saints who believed in the exclusivity and secret nature of sadhana have revealed their experiences to their devotees for human welfare. They have also subsequently become public. Tales associated with great ones like Buddha, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Raman Maharshi and Aurobindo have become well known. Thousands of people have derived inspiration from them from time-to-time and they have shown light to humanity at large. On the other hand, strict adherences to exclusivity and tradition of secret, many branches of learning and details about their experiences have wiped out. Thereby, the world has suffered a great loss. The best course is to bypass and rise above the fear of public slander. One must examine one’s own heart, understand the wish of God and put it into practice. In my case, it is only after such divine inspiration that I am beginning to write this brief account of my life.


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What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you.
- Anthony De Mello


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