Prayer for Superintendent's health

When I came to Bombay, my mother’s elder brother lived very close to the Ashram. About a year later, he went to live at Andheri. I visited him almost every Sunday. I felt quite good with those visits. He showered a lot of affection on me and gave me whatever help I needed. Once my mother came to Bombay to enquire about my welfare. I had conveyed to her that I was not comfortable in Bombay and requested her to take me home. But her elder brother was a very sensible man. He gave me strength and courage. For a couple of years after joining that institution I felt uneasy at heart and seemed to be passing through an unpleasant experience. But later on, I settled down.

I used to go home during the vacations. In course of time, I had come to like the institution so much that the idea of leaving it to go home did not particularly attract me. It is almost the same in case of every new thing or new atmosphere. The mind resents it at first, but gets used to it in course of time and ultimately that alone gives him joy. This is how the mind normally reacts. This is universally true. But it is necessary that one should remember the essence of it and inspiration to life it provides. It is beneficial for one to continue to look at the old with gratitude and loyalty. Above all, one must learn the art of remaining happy and cheerful in all circumstances.
One year an unusual incident took place. Our Superintendent died and a new person was appointed in his place. He was a good natured and educated man. He also made certain improvements in the institution. Still, the students were dissatisfied with him. Once he fell ill. It turned out to be a serious illness. His family members got very anxious to hear the doctor’s diagnosis. The atmosphere was very grim.

Then, it occurred to me that all the students should get together and pray for the Superintendent’s health. I made that proposal at the evening prayer. I said that the Superindent was in a critical condition and it was necessary to pray for his health. We would forget about our dissatisfaction with him. In the face of serious illness and death, we must forget our greatest differences and have kind thoughts in our minds. We must stand together; allow the feelings of love and service to grow in our hearts. God would definitely listen to our sincere prayer. Some sensible students greeted my proposal. Others did not approve of it at all. They smelt in it the desire to flatter the Superintendent. Still, willingly or unwillingly, all sat quiet. Most of the students quietly sat through the prayer till the end.

God certainly listens to a genuinely offered prayer. Our prayer also brought the good result. The Superintendent fully recovered after a few days. He was very happy that we had prayed for him. He was overwhelmed. His attitude towards the children changed.


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