Words beginning with B

Baddha : बध्ध : બદ્ધ
Bādhak : बाधक : બાધક
Impairing; hindrance
Bahir-mukha : बहिर्मुख : બહિર્મુખ
Bandha : बंध : બંધ
A special kind of exercise performed in prānāyāma which aids the prāna to seal within the body. The three main bandha are
1) jālandhar bandha (in which head is bent forward and chin is pressed against the chest),
2) uddiyāna bandh (in which stomach muscles are pulled inwards) and
3) mula bandha (in which anus is pulled inwards).
Bhagavān : भगवान : ભગવાન
Lord; one who is endowed with these six attributes, namely knowledge (jnān/gyān), strength (bala), lordship(aishvarya), potency (shakti), virility (virya) and splendour (tejas)
Bhāgavata : भागवत : ભાગવત
One of the purāna, Vaishnava’s revered Book elaborating on Lord Krishna
Bhāgya : भाग्य : ભાગ્ય
Fate; fortune
Bhajan : भजन : ભજન
Devotional song
Bhakta : भक्त : ભક્ત
Bhakti : भक्ति : ભક્તિ
Bhārata : भारत : ભારત
Ancient name of India
Bhartruhari : भर्तुहरि : ભર્તૃહરિ
King and famous Sanskrit poet who wrote Niti, Shringar and vairāgya shatak
Bhāsa : भाषा : ભાષા
Bhasma : भस्म : ભસ્મ
Bhastrikā : भस्त्रिका : ભસ્ત્રિકા
A breathing exercise where the air is drawn in and out like bellows
Bhautika : भौतिक : ભૌતિક
Earthly; mundane
Bhāv : भाव : ભાવ
Bhāvanā : भावना : ભાવના
Mental feeling
Bhaya : भय : ભય
Bheda : भेद : ભેદ
Bhedabhāv : भेदभाव : ભેદભાવ
View of difference
Bhikshā : भिक्षा : ભિક્ષા
Bhinna : भिन्न : ભિન્ન
Bhoga : भोग : ભોગ
Bhogya : भोग्य : ભોગ્ય
Object of enjoyment
Bhokta : भोक्ता : ભોક્તા
Bhrama : भ्रम : ભ્રમ
Bhrānti : भ्रांति : ભ્રાંતિ
Bhumi : भूमि : ભૂમિ
Bhuta : भूत : ભૂત
Elements (five elements are earth, water, fire, air, and space
Bhuvana : भुवन :ભુવન
Bindu : बिंदु : બિંદુ
A dot
Bodha : बोध : બોધ
Brahmā : ब्रह्मा : બ્રહ્મા
The creator of the universe
Brahmacharya : ब्रह्मचर्य : બ્રહ્મચર્ય
Brahma-gnān : ब्रह्मज्ञान : બ્રહ્મજ્ઞાન
Knowledge about the self
Brahma-muhurta : ब्राह्ममूहुर्त : બ્રાહ્મમુહૂર્ત
Early morning time considered to be the best for worship
Brahamānda : ब्रह्मानंद : બ્રહ્માનંદ
The joy of being one with the supreme reality, brahma
Brahma-randhra : ब्रह्मरंध्र : બ્રહ્મરંધ્ર
Aperture in the head through which soul may leave body upon death
Brahma-sutra : ब्रह्मसूत्र : બ્રહ્મસૂત્ર
Ancient book containing Briefs from the teaching of Upanishad
Buddhi : बुध्धि : બુદ્ધિ
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