Words beginning with C

Chitanya : चैतन्य : ચૈતન્ય
Spirit; consciousness
Chakra : चक्र : ચક્ર
Seven energy centers in the body; centers of consciousness within human body which control the function of all the nerves of the body; the main charkas are located at
1) Mulādhār – base of spinal column
2) Svādhisthān – root of the reproductive organ
3) Manipura – naval region
4) Anāhata – heart region
5) Visuddhi – base of throat
6) Āgnā – between two eyebrows
7) Sahastrā – topmost point of body
Chakshu : चक्षु : ચક્ષુ
Chamatkār : चमत्कार : ચમત્કાર
Chandra : चंद्र : ચંદ્ર
Charan : चरण : ચરણ
Lotus feet
Chaturthi : चतुर्थी : ચતુર્થી
Fourth lunar day of each of the two fortnights
Chela : चेला : ચેલા
Chhāndogya Upanishad : छांदोग्य ऊपनिषद : છાંદોગ્ય ઉપનિષદ
One of the Upanishad containing three vedantic doctrines: tat vam asi, doctrine of atman and doctrine of infinite
Chidākāsh : चिदाकाश : ચિદાકાશ
Consciousness space
Chintā : चिंता : ચિંતા
Chit-shakti : चित् शक्ति : ચિત્તશક્તિ
The power of consciousness
Chitt : चित्त Mind, : ચિત્ત
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