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Words beginning with I

Icchā : ईच्छा : ઈચ્છા
Desire; wish
Icchā-shakti : ईच्छा शक्ति : ઈચ્છાશક્તિ
Will power
Idā : ईडा : ઈડા
The channel (nādi) originating at base of spine and terminating at the left nostril, also called Chandra nādi due to its cooling effects
Indra : ईन्द्र : ઈન્દ્ર
King of heaven; ruler or chief
Indriya : ईन्द्रिय : ઈન્દ્રિય
Sense organ
Indriya nigraha : ईन्द्रिय निग्रह : ઈન્દ્રિયનિગ્રહ
Control of senses
Irshya : ईर्षा : ઈર્ષ્યા
Isha : ईश : ઈશ
Lord or master
Isa Upanishad : ईश ऊपनिषद : ઈશ ઉપનિષદ, ઈશાવાસ્ય ઉપનિષદ
One of the Upanishad
Ishitva : ईशीत्व : ઈશિત્વ
One of the eight powers (siddhi) which gives power to master all physical objects
Ishta-devata : ईष्ट देवता : ઈષ્ટદેવતા
Chosen deity
Ishwara : ईश्वर : ઈશ્વર
Ishwara Pranidhāna : ईश्वर प्रणिधान : ઈશ્વર પ્રણિધાન
Devotion to God
Iti : ईति : ઈતિ
Itihās : ईतिहास : ઈતિહાસ
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