Monday, November 23, 2020

Words beginning with H

Hansa : हंस : હંસ
Swan; the natural vibration which occurs spontaneously with each  incoming and outgoing breath
Hanumān : हनुमान : હનુમાન
Devotee and servant of Lord Rāma
Hari : हरि : હરિ
Remover of ignorance; Name of lord Vishnu
Harijana : हरीजन : હરિજન
An outcast; child of God
Harsha : हर्ष : હર્ષ
Hasta : हस्त : હસ્ત
Hāsya : हास्य : હાસ્ય
Hatha Yoga : हठयोग : હઠયોગ
A Yogic discipline in which samādhi is achived by uniting prāna and apāna
Hatha Yoga Pradipikā : हठयोग प्रदिपीका : હઠયોગ પ્રદિપીકા
Authoritative tratise on Hatha Yoga
Hetu : हेतु : હેતુ
Himsā : हिंसा : હિંસા
Hiranyagarbha : हिरण्यगर्भ : હિરણ્યગર્ભ
Creator of subtle universe
Hiranyakashyap : हिरण्यकश्यप : હિરણ્યકશ્યપ
Father of Prahlad; A demon
Hita : हित : હિત
Homa : होम : હોમ
Sacrificial fire; offerings
Hrdaya : ह्रदय : હૃદય

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