Dignity of love

If you boast of your fully realising the truth
let me tell you it is beyond your comprehension and true realisation;
and if you claim that you have the highest knowledge
rest assured you have no knowledge – the real knowledge of it.  
As such the incomprehensible or the mysterious is the glory of truth.

If you proclaim yourself to be always infatuated with the cup of love attached to your lips,
remember you are not so.  
And if you imagine yourself to be blessed by the power of pure love,
believe me you are not perfectly blessed.

My beloved!  
How am I to realise the dignity of love?  
Nobody knows how many an ego started fathoming that extensive ocean and got assimilated therein.  
Then what to speak of my pure sublime though trifle egoism?  
Such a moonlight is this that has mingles with her moon.  
Such a morning twilight is this that has decorated herself with the bloom of the eastern horizon’s heart.  
Such a flute is this that has absorbed herself in the nectar-like taste of the lips, losing her consciousness completely.  
How can she sing the song of his glory and reveal his dignity?

And it is quite appropriate.  
Because for those that have realised, their tongue has ceased functioning;
and those that have tasted the love’s divine nectarean deliciousness have lost their senses forever.  
They themselves have become exemplars of his glory.  

If you are tempted to inquire about the dignity of love even after approaching me,
understand then there is something lacking in my love
or O my dear inquisitive!
your liking for love is less intensified.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher.
- Dalai Lama


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