Immortal drink

For listening to Your heavenly happy song
one ought to enter deep into my miraculous heart.  
There pervades the melodious music of Your harmonious harp.  
And for having Your vision unobtainable even to the Gods
one ought to enter deep into torrents of my incessant tears;
therein You cleanse Your lotus-like face day and night.

This is Your resthouse and this is Your throne – the throne of my heart.  
It is the reservoir of tranquility and an embodiment of love.  
You enjoyed such peace neither in Your heavenly divine abode
nor in the Milky Sea on the bosom of the Serpent.

I am in unison with the love of Yours;
hence am never perplexed by Your arrival and departure.  
But You are like a butterfly.  
You have never entertained Yourself
with the deliciousness of my ambrosial affection,
accommodated in my heart’s lotus, in the three worlds at any time.  
It is meet therefore that You cannot but remain all the while inside it.

How can I describe this diversion of love?  
I have nothing of mine.  
In the initial stage I belonged to love.  
Then I became master of love;
and now only love survives and nothing else.  
Pressing that love’s lovely cup with Your lips and embracing it to Your breast
You are often immersed in merriment.

But for this immortal drink,
how could You have looked after Your universal kingdom?  
And was it ever possible for You to remain God or become Lord without it?

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.
- Dave Gardner


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