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Continuity of my love

Lo! During dawn –
the dawn that like some lovely lotus unfolds itself pleasantly –
if Thou findest my eyes devoid of the light of Thy love,
please don’t shower grace on me.

Lo! During the period of noon –
the dreadful noon that has like a steam-engine boiled itself and boils others –
if Thou findest my body not wrapped with Thy devotion’s impression,
please don’t make me fortunate with Thy vision.

Have a look at me during the evening twilight too –
the fascinating twilight decorated and prepared for entry into heaven;
if Thou can’t find my little stream-like life yearning for Thee
and Thee alone better don’t come to bestow grace on me.

Have a glance at me even at night –
the charming night waiting like empress with many a melody in limbs:
if my eyes are not filled with torrents of love and longing for Thee
don’t make me blessed by Thy vision.

Behold me during the auspicious, silent, sweet midnight too;
if Thou findest not the flow of affection on my excessively happy eyelid,
kindly don’t come before me.

Behold me during any time or at any place of any kind;
if Thou hearest not the murmuring of the inexpressible murmur
and the dancing of Thy sacred personality in my heart
and in every tissue of my body,
better let me be deprived of Thy vision.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

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