Triumph of love

That day when seated near the window of my mansion
I used to endeavor for Thy attention,
Thou took no trouble to cast a single glance at me.

I used to drop my golden and perfumed love letters
on the passage for Thy arrival and departure
but Thou walked away spurning them.

Stringing together my loving heart
and every particle of my body in a multicoloured garland,
I used to scatter on the sacred path of Thy palace;
and like a miser sometimes desired for Thy favor.  
But no footprint of Thine was ever to fall on it.

Translating my dreams into poems full of pleasant tunes of music
I used to make efforts for Thy hearing.  
But even my poem’s resonance was never felt on Thy heart.

Though prettier than the wife of Cupid,
Thou looked like a monument of pride.

I used to spend my morning and evening waiting for Thee.  
But Thou wast ever careless about it.

And on that auspicious day
when I porponed off sitting near my mansion’s window
and taking the begging bowl of heart in my hand began to ask for alms,
I couldn’t understand whence or how Thou came silently
and with a cascade of tears fell on my feet.  
I couldn’t comprehend, but yes,
I was relieved of my royal adornments
and my body was besmeared with ashes of unattachment.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness. 
- Seneca (Roman Philosopher)


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