Gratification for love

Same was the morning today.  
The temple doors were opened,
the worship was over and the Lord showered special grace on the devotees.  
I sang my favourite song
and all were fortunate as if to have a glimpse of the Master’s Majesty.  
The devotees commenced covering His grandeur.  
Some garlanded Him,
some became glad by clasping hands around His waist
and others proclaimed their proprietorship pronouncing
‘My Master, my Dear One!’
Ultimately the Lord observed me
with His sweet fascinating eyes that looked like phials of nectar.  
They made me wet with showers of love.  
And He told me, ‘O my dear singer, are you not affectionate at all?  
Don’t you wish to become my favorite and also a master of mine?’
‘Nay, my Lord!’ I replied,
‘let Your eyes full of fascination be fixed on mine.  
Let me bathe in sweet stream of Your love.  
A drop from Your affection’s ocean is sufficient for me.  
Let me complete this noble task peacefully and without murmuring.’
The Lord then cast His eyes at His feet.  
And becoming blessed by kissing them
I stepped out of the temple doors with the same musical song of prayer.
On that occasion these were the last lines of my song:  
‘O love!  O the dear Lord!  
I have never desired nor dreamt to become Your master
nor do I approve of living like a slave too.  
You were manifested by my song in the idol
and my love made You ecstatic and merry.  
That much gratitude is enough, certainly sufficient for me.’

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.
- Epicurus


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