Worship with the vilva leaves

Today also I visited the temple early in the morning.  
The scholars and devotees were assembled there in the uncountable number.  
Sitting around Shiva in the form of a phallus,
they recited the Vedas and some of them chanted the other hymns too.

Lamps were shining like the incandescence of an ascetic’s austerity
and the Vilva leaves were scattered on the image.  
It was an auspicious day and hence such a glorious demonstration of devotion.

The head of the scholars offered me a Vilva leaf and instructed:
‘Worship with as many leaves as possible for the Lord’s propitiation.  
I fulfilled my desire for worshipping Him with 1.25 lac leaves just now.  
Worship you also.’

Accepting only one or two of the leaves I replied:
‘This much is sufficient for me.  
If only I can decorate the Lord with the help of it, it shall be sufficient.’

The scholar could not follow me.  
But an experienced philosopher standing in the neighborhood explained:
‘Yes, if one leaf or even a petal can be dedicated in such a manner
that the Lord cannot but accept it,
if a single tear can be dedicated to that supreme state of mind,
then that will suffice, that will be too much.’

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers, and clouds, and stars.
- Luther


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