Initiation of love

In the silent monsoon night,
the sound of somebody’s footfall was heard near my temple door.  
They sky was thundering and shining with flashes of lightning.  
In the silent night of Sravana, the second month of monsoon,
I heard the sound of somebody’s footfall.

Coming out of my abode, I saw some goddess.  
With fresh flowers and garland in her hand,
hope and zeal in her eyes, and affection in her limbs,
she stood there; a daughter of divine or some deity.
With water and flowers in offering, I returned to greet the guest
and offering them at her feet waited for a while;
She expressed readiness for her body’s dedication for my services instantaneously.
There was horripilation in my body.  

With folded hands I expressed my gratitude and said:  
‘I cherish no desire for the body.  
Clasping hands round your tender waist,
I wish not to plunge into merriment.’

Then she brought her face forward and again I felt horripilation.  
With tears in eyes I replied
‘My beloved!  I don’t desire for picnic of kisses too.’

‘Can’t you appreciate my love then?  
Are you not ready to accept this ordinary love-gift of mine?’ she inquired.

‘I am indebted for the love of yours,’ I replied,
‘but too deep, mysterious or incomprehensible is the dwelling place of my love.’

‘When the consciousness was restored, I saw her fall at my feet.  
Putting the dust of my feet on her head she said,
‘I came for initiation into love, and received that initiation.’

Suddenly such novel, mysterious, incident occurred
during that quiet night of monsoon.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

Constant dripping hollows out a stone.
- Lucretius


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