Realization of the significance

A single draught of Thy grace fell on me
and the thirst of so many births was quenched;
a single ray from Thy light was released
and my age-old heap of darkness was burnt.

By the mere shadow of Thy loveliness
all my ugliness was effaced.

By a single shaft of Thy beauty
all the disorderliness was destroyed.  
As Thou cast a little flash of light from Thy eyes on me,
all my confusion was terminated;
and by falling of a single drop of Thy eye’s nectar,
my decades-old thirst was ended.

In the milky ocean of Thy grace
all the rivers of spiritual practices merge;
in the holy, vast waters of Thy compassion
treasures of devotion gather and assimilate.  

I came to realise that significance only today.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

Inspiration is a guest who does not like to visit lazy people.
- Tchaikowsky


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