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An American doctor was interested in Yoga. He had read many books on Yoga and had read about various chakras and the Kundalini in particular.  He was very curious and very enthusiastic. He decided to find out the existence of the chakras and Kundalini by himself.

From what he had read in books, the doctor collected information that Kundalini resides at the bottom of the spinal cord. He was a doctor by profession so he managed to obtain a dead body for his experiments. He cut the dead body and tried to find out the location and to visually check identification of each chakras and Kundalini.  However, after diligent experiments on the dead body he was not successful in his goal.

He did not lose heart and decided to carry out the same experiment on few more cadavers.  He experimented on 4-5 dead bodies but remained unsuccessful in physically finding or visually locating the Kundalini or any chakras.

He reached to a conclusion that the illustrations about chakras and Kundalini in all the yogic literature are false and baseless! He lost his faith in the subject and advertised his negative findings to all.

However during those days great Indian yogi namely Swami Yoganand visited USA. This doctor came into contact with Swami Yoganand. He expressed his negative thoughts about Kundalini and the chakras. He told Swami Yoganand that he had done enough experiments and has reached a conclusion that there is nothing like Kundalini or chakras and that they are fictitious or mere illusions.

Swami Yoganand then illustrated the correct way to awaken Kundalini. The doctor followed Swami Yoganand’s instructions vigorously and ultimately realized the power of Kundalini.  

Thereafter he started believing that everything written in ancient Yogic scriptures is not baseless. Not only his faith in ancient Indian scriptures increased manifold but thereafter he wrote a book on Kundalini entitled “The Serpent Power”.

Many literates, in the similar way reach to an early and false conclusion that some of the doctrines illustrated in our ancient spiritual scriptures are false and baseless. They do not know how to verify them and therefore hurriedly give false impression to the outside world that the information is false. Will they learn something from this incident?


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