Learn to visualize God's grace

It has been said in our ancient scriptures that whatever happens to us, it for our own good. Saints and sages also repeat this message to us.  I also had an experience emphasizing the same point.

It was 1956 when I was dwelling in the Bharat Mandir in the pious land of Rishikesh. Once it so happened that a gentleman came all the way from Kolagadh near Dehradoon to invite me to visit his place. I accepted his invitation. As per our talk, he was supposed to come to take me with him on the day fixed. We were supposed to take the bus departing from Rishikesh at 11:30 AM on that day.

The day arrived on which I had to go to Kolagadh to that gentleman’s place. I waited for the gentleman but he did not turn up. I missed the 11:30 AM bus fixed for our departure. It was 3 PM when I decided to proceed without that gentleman thinking that he might have encountered some problem coming to Rishikesh.

The bus started from Rishikesh to Dehradoon and there came the ‘Shong’ river on the way. In those days, there was no bridge over the river for the bus to cross. During the monsoon the route used to remain closed to all commuters and on other days the bus used to cross the river through its shallow. 

When my bus reached near the river, the traffic was jammed. We saw that a bus had fallen down into the river waters. On inquiry it was found that it was the same bus which departed at 11:30 AM from Rishikesh.

If that gentleman had come to take me, we would have been in that bus. When I reached Kolapur and told the whole incident to that gentleman, he was surprised. By God’s grace I was saved from a misfortune.  I could see God’s hand in the gentleman not coming to take me along. His faith in the God and me increased manifold.

If we also cultivate a habit of acknowledging God’s grace behind every action in our life, we would have nothing to irritate about and nobody to curse. All the incidents happening in our life are for our own good, we should only learn to visualize God's grace in them.



0 #1 Nilesh Pandya 2009-10-10 02:47
We love this essay so much and specially tha last paragraph, when I read the last paragraph, I read it atleast 20 times. I am trying to make myself remind that everything happens for good. I hope that I will soon be able to relize it and will be able to memorize it for each and every moment of my life.
Thank you very much to make me relize tha truth behind every circumstances.

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Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.
- Rabindranath Tagore


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