Sai Baba's grace

Saibaba took samadhi in 1918 but his followers have had innumerable experiences of his grace even after his physical departure from this earth. I consider myself fortunate to have Saibaba’s love and affection for me. Saibaba has given me so many darshans and guidance during my days of sadhana. I have also visited his place Shirdi many times.

Once while going to Shirdi I thought, 'At Shirdi, I am Saibaba’s guest, so shouldn't Saibaba welcome me? During all my previous visits to Shirdi I have had a hard time finding a place for my stay. I go to Shirdi only with the inner inspiration of Saibaba and still I had to struggle to find accommodation. Shouldn’t Saibaba help me in finding a place to stay?'

We arrived at Shirdi on Thursday. There were lots of devotees from all around the places. It looked to me that this time also I would have to struggle to find lodging. As I descended from the bus a person approached me. He looked like a farmer. He asked,” Are you going to stay here?” My reply was positive. He said, "Do you want a place to stay? Today, many people have come so it is very difficult to find a place. I have a nice place for your stay. I welcome you to Shirdi. Come with me."

I was a bit surprised. I asked, "Where is your place?”

He said ”Near Samadhi temple.”

“Why did you approach me instead of approaching others?” I wanted to clear my doubts.

“Saibaba inspired me.”

“Saibaba inspired you?” I asked.

“Yes. Saibaba sent me towards you.”  I became speechless.

I asked my accompanying devotees to look at that gentleman’s place.  They said that the place was comfortable.  We stayed there. Since the place was near the Samadhi temple, we enjoyed our stay.

My faith in Saibaba increased manifold after this incident. I still cannot and will never be able to forget that farmer-like person.  It’s true that real saints are all-powerful and can do anything for their devotees. Saibaba's place is undoubtedly among them.


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