Supernatural powers

I went to Almoda from Devprayag in order to have the darshan of Mata Anandmayee.  I went from Devprayag to Haridwar; from Haridwar to Bareily; Bareily to Kathgodam and from Kathgodam, I reached Almoda. I was very happy on reaching the ashram but unfortunately Mata Anandmayee was not in the ashram. I inquired with the organizer of the ashram but to my misfortune, he informed me that there was no possibility of her coming to the ashram in near future. To stay at the ashram would be meaningless so I decided to proceed back towards Dev Prayag.

But how could I go back? I searched my pockets and found that I had only had two rupees with me. How could I reach Dev Prayag with only two rupees? I prayed to God, as there was nobody known to me who could help. I had immense faith in the infinite power of the almighty God. He had time and again showered me with his infinite grace in the hours of my need.

An unknown sadhu approached me the next morning. His age was about 20. He looked very young. He had long black hair and wore a zhabhbho. He saluted me.

I asked,”Where are you coming from?"

He replied on his slate as he had taken a vow of silence “from Kailas-Mansarovar”

I doubted how he traveled in this cold season from Kailas Mansarovar. As if he knew my thoughts, he wrote,”I was staying there since a year. Now I want to go to Badrinath, so I have come here.”

I sang my recently composed song.  Upon hearing it, he became very happy. He said,”I want to help you. Let me be of any service to you.”

I said "You seem to have nothing with you. How can you serve me?”

He laughed and said” Trust me. I really want to serve you.”

He took out a small cloth bag and said, “How much money do you need? Until you say NO, this bag will churn out the money! I have nothing except this to serve you at this moment.”

I was astonished. Was it possible? But he did not give much time for me to think. He took out new and shiny coins from the small bag. I actually needed 35 Rupees to reach safely but he gave me 40 Rupees.

He said “I do not let anybody know about this supernatural power. In fact, this is one among many such siddhis I possess.  I have love and reverence for you, that’s why I used it for you.” I was speechless.

We traveled together up to Ranikhet. When it was time to depart, I asked, "What is your name?”

He wrote on his slate “Ramdas”. He left but put away his memory in my mind.

Was he a yogi? Was he a form of the Almighty God that appeared to help me? Was he a Siddha? Did he appear to answer my prayers? Whoever he was, he helped me at a time when I was in need. My faith in the infinite powers of God increased manifold.


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