Grace of the Goddess

Fascinating were her eyes,
more mellifluous than the moon, absorbed into affection.  
Like an earthen pot of prestige was her face.  
The earth around was like a lake
and she seemed like a lily handsome and fragrant, smiling, therein.  
Emotion and devotion, beauty and purity,
like the waters of the Ganga and Yamuna flowed from her limbs.
Like the youthful poetry of the poet of poets of the globe
she seemed to be fresh and delightful.
Her hair reached to her feet.  
Sweet smiles adorned her lips.  
Oh, the earth was surely enriched by her clad in charming clean clothes.
She was resting in the Malti bower.  
Flowers had prepared her bedstead
and the god of wind was fanning incessantly for her.
Our eyes met at golden time of sunrise
and I couldn’t imagine why
but her eyes brimming over with emotion radiated with rays of love.

Those tender, elegant eyes asked me:  
‘Will you marry me?  
I am an apostle of love.  
Love between man and man, man and nature, man and the master.  
I am the mother of all sorts of love.  
Will you offer me a corner in your generous heart?’

‘But what purpose do you intend to serve by staying in my little heart?’

‘That need not bother you.  
You are eminently suited to me
and by manifesting myself in your humble heart my mission will be fulfilled.
Are you willing?’

A smile lit up my lips like a rainbow in the sky.  
Her beauty was undoubtedly beyond comparison;  
her words were also incomparable, supernatural and sweet.

‘What shall I acquire thereby?’  I asked further.

‘Peace, joy and immeasurable pain.‘ came the reply.  
‘That very pain, restlessness or pangs of separation
will enable you to enter the divine temple of liberation
and accomplish innumerable deeds helpful to humanity.’

‘Well my goddess, I shall enshrine you in my heart,
praise you and your great glory in my poems,
keep evergreen our present glorious meeting’s memory
in the form of a perfumed poetic garland that will never wither.’

With a smile of satisfaction she got up and disappeared.  
Her last words were:  ‘Don’t suffocate me by the narrowness of “You”.  
I shall get fresh by the lovely rain of “Thou”.  
In your lovely life I shall manifest myself a number of times.’

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
-Marcel Proust


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