Blessedness of love

She is justly proud of her beauty, proclaim these people;
she shall never accept servitude at thy feet.

The eyes long for beholding her beauty with great anxiety.  
But that pretty, proud, woman’s heart is just like a stone.  
She has no leisure for casting even a glance at thee!

Thy countenance and lips resemble the petals of the lotus.  
They with great excitement yearn for becoming one with her lips
and drink their nectar like this bee.  
But that lovely lady’s heart is harder than iron.  
She seldom gets any time
for even a glance at the yearning in thy countenance;
she seldom has any time.

Ocean-like is the heart of thine
shedding tears ceaselessly to engulf her heart.  
But that arrogant woman’s heart is built of stone.  
It has neither any concern for thy heart’s pangs
nor does it melt even a little by the sobbing of thine.

This is the purport of their proclamation.  
But helpless as I am,
I have surrendered myself and everything of mine completely for her.  
Her heart’s string may not twang forever,
my love’s string will never be broken.  
Even a single drop from her love’s ocean may not rain,
my tears’ stream shall never be dammed!

My soul’s bliss lies in gaining her in the guise of love divine!

- Shri Yogeshwarji

Today's Quote

Fear knocked at my door. Faith opened that door and no one was there.
- Unknown


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